Adopt an orphan elephant for a loved one and give them a gift in conservation. Or, adopt one for yourself! Stop Poaching Now (SPN) and Game Rangers International’s (GRI) The program empowers GRI’s efforts on the ground. Adopting an orphan can make all the difference to their passage back to the wild where they belong. The passage can take up to 12 years, many of which require loving care and watchful eyes. We need your help to continue to support them as well as protecting and preserving the habitat that they will ultimately be released to. Your support will not only ensure we protect this keystone species, but also it will allow us to share what we’ve learned about these beautiful animals and educate future conservationists across the globe.

Every donation helps save endangered Elephant!

It takes a village to raise an elephant
At SPN we bring that village together!
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"One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken”

The support we receive is vital to our work protecting these species and ensuring their long-term survival.