Global E-Race Extinction 2023: The Beneficiaries

Written By: Kennedy Robinson.  

The illegal wildlife trade is booming and has no intention of slowing down. One pound of elephant ivory sells for $3,500. If elephants are gone for good, the value of that ivory will skyrocket. Elephants are not the only species facing extinction, and if humanity doesn’t act, there will be devastating consequences.

Stop Poaching Now! (SPN!)  is  committed to wildlife conservation, the battle against poaching, and the use of education to raise awareness and decrease the demand for illegal wildlife goods. 

When you support Stop Poaching Now! you are supporting the following organizations and the incredible work they do all over the world.


‘Project Rhino’ collaborates with top conservation organizations, state and local game reserves, rhino owners, and experts in anti-poaching in efforts to protect South Africa’s wildlife. Project Rhino also konws that rhino poaching is a symptom of the larger, more general environmental challenges that South Africa and its neighbors are currently dealing with.


‘Game Rangers International (GRI)’ is a nonprofit organization that was founded in Zambia in 2008.  Furthermore, GRI embraces a comprehensive conservation strategy and gives Rangers authority over three main theme areas: resource protection, community outreach, and wildlife rescue.


‘WildLifeNow’ aims to restore secure and long-lasting ecosystems for the endangered African species for future generations through collaboration with the governments of Tanzania and Kenya as well as the local populations in the vicinity of Mkomazi and Kora National Parks. 


The Blood Lions Campaign was established to raise awareness regarding the captive predator breeding, canned killing, and lion bone trades, as well as associated activities such as cub cuddling, lion strolling, and volunteer travel. The ultimate objective of the campaign is to put an end to the keeping and breeding of lions and other predators in captivity for commercial purposes in South Africa.


The Ulinzi Africa Foundation (UAF) was founded in 2014 by Raabia Hawa and is the first non-government organization in East Africa to promote safety for wildlife rangers. In order to protect endangered animals, rangers are forced to overcome a wide range of physical and mental challenges. 


‘Third Pole Conservancy (TPC)’ believe that through scientific investigation and protection they can ensure the survival of animals along the Himalaya. TPC imagines a time in which local citizen scientists take the initiative to protect wildlife, and the community within the Himalayas supports their cause.


The Tikki Hywood Foundation acts as a round-the-clock center for wildlife rescue. Through their encounters, Tikki Hywood found a gap in wildlife conservation that is frequently ignored: the preservation of species that don’t have the attraction and/or charisma of the larger, well-known animals.


‘Painted Dog Conservatory’ PDC is a non-profit organization registered in Zimbabwe. With fewer than 7,000 left, African painted dogs are one of the most critically endangered species on the continent. The Painted Dog Conservatory aids in the preservation of these animals through community service and instruction. 


By working together on developing a landscape that is renewed and flourishing, ‘Soft Foot Alliance’ seeks to motivate and impart the lessons and methods they have learned to other communities in Zimbabwe and elsewhere By honoring traditional knowledge and new knowledge, actively participating in training programs, being determined, and having compassion, they are witnessing the community within which they live move toward rejuvenation.