Together we can make a change!

About Us

In 2014, Heidi Jo Markel, founder of Eclectic Pictures, producer of Olympus has Fallen, Love Lace, and The Late Bloomer, and a lifelong animal lover, saw the devastation that poaching brought to Africa’s beautiful wildlife and decided enough is enough. Stop Poaching Now! (SPN!) quickly grew, supporting grassroots organizations, helping finance on the ground conservation work in Africa, and raising awareness in the United States. SPN! was one the first charities to implement drones on the ground to combat poaching, and prides itself on its global educational program, reaching from the US to Southern Africa. As time has passed, the charity has developed its mission and scope. SPN! is pushing forward with large-scale international conservation projects that take an active role in bringing conservation partners together to work towards larger conservation goals. SPN! strongly believes in a future where humans and animals coexist in harmony and the ability of community welfare, education, and conservation to work together towards this goal. Help us bring communities together, raise awareness, and protect our rapidly depleting natural world.

Our Story

Each year, the number of wildlife added to the list of endangered species grows at an alarming rate due to the continuous problem of poaching.

While many believe this problem is specific to regions in Africa and Asia, the consequences of poaching have a global impact. Our tiger population has diminished to just 3,200 worldwide, and each year, over 35,000 elephants die at the hands of poachers. As hunters kill and sell animal parts across international lines, animal populations are severely damaged, ecosystems are permanently destroyed, and the magnificent creatures that we love are threatened with extinction.

But, our world doesn’t have to come to this.

We can still save these beloved animals with your help.

I started Stop Poaching Now! with the goal of providing educational resources and spreading awareness to seek an end to the illegal wildlife slaughter. All my life, I have had a strong passion for animals and giving back to the community, and I hope that our growing organization can make an international impact to speak on behalf of the animals and end this problem once and for all. Looking ahead, my greatest hope is that our future generations will be able to live in a world co-inhabited by these amazing creatures – a world where animals are safe and are able to thrive in a sustainable environment free of poachers.

Stop Poaching Now’s commitment to providing continuous educational outlets and increasing global awareness are aspirations that will not only make a real difference in the community, but will also work to help a cause that is very close to my heart. I encourage you to explore this website to learn more about STOP POACHING NOW!’s efforts to fight illegal hunting and the multitude of ways that you can help our cause and animals all over the globe. Just as the smallest voices can make a huge impact, any donation can determine the survival of thousands of species that we share our planet with.

Please join us as we strive to stand up for these animals who cannot speak for themselves as we work to end poaching… for good.

– Heidi Jo Markel