It takes a village to raise an elephant
At SPN we bring that village together!

Stop Poaching Now (SPN) and Game Rangers International’s (GRI) 

The program empowers GRI’s efforts on the ground.

Education Program

Classroom Visits, Online Courses, Curriculum Development, Used Computer Donation Program

Together we can make a change!

Our Story

In 2014, Heidi Jo Markel, founder of Eclectic Pictures, producer of Olympus has Fallen, Love Lace, and The Late Bloomer, and a lifelong animal lover, saw the devastation that poaching brought to Africa’s beautiful wildlife and decided enough is enough. Stop Poaching Now! (SPN!) quickly grew, supporting grassroots organizations, helping finance on the ground conservation work in Africa, and raising awareness in the United States. SPN! was one the first charities to implement drones on the ground to combat poaching, and prides itself on its global educational program, reaching from the US to Southern Africa. As time has passed, the charity has developed its mission and scope. SPN! is pushing forward with large-scale international conservation projects that take an active role in bringing conservation partners together to work towards larger conservation goals. SPN! strongly believes in a future where humans and animals coexist in harmony and the ability of community welfare, education, and conservation to work together towards this goal. Help us bring communities together, raise awareness, and protect our rapidly depleting natural world.

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COVID-19 Has Caused A Spike In Poaching



Sign up for GLOBAL E-RACE EXTINCTION to help save wildlife from disappearing forever. The money raised from the event will go directly to Boots-on-the-Ground organizations that spend every day fighting the poaching crisis and to our education programs. The African elephant could be extinct within your lifetime, and it is TIME TO ACT NOW! Throughout the event, Stop Poaching Now will host numerous activities for our E-Racers to enjoy. You can exercise with fellow animal-lovers, and there will be insightful panels hosted by conservationists and celebrities alike.

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Video archives of the animals

The Battle to Save Black Rhinos

This powerful video highlights the efforts being made to save the critically endangered black rhino from extinction. From anti-poaching patrols to habitat restoration, conservationists are working tirelessly to protect these

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Animal Facts

Become a Partner

To become a partner with Stop Poaching Now, a business can

  1. Donate a portion of sales or profits to support the organization’s mission
  2. Hold employee fundraising events, such as bake sales or raffles
  3. Participate in corporate matching gift programs to double the impact of employee donations
  4. Incorporate sustainable and ethical practices in supply chains to reduce demand for illegally poached goods

Our Sponsors



The Rescue of Amali

Amali means ‘hope’ in Swahili. It is a very fitting name for this little elephant, given the extraordinary circumstances she overcame to survive. Now, Amali is one of our unique

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Impact stories

More ways to get involved

Adopt an Orphan

People can support anti-poaching efforts by adopting an orphaned animal that has been rescued from poachers. This can help provide financial support for the care and rehabilitation of the animal, as well as raise awareness about the issue of spawning.

Fundraise for Stop Poaching Now (SPN)

People can organize and participate in fundraising events to support SPN’s anti-poaching efforts. This can include charity runs, auctions, and bake sales.

Become a Partner

Companies and organizations can become partners with SPN to support its anti-poaching efforts. This can include financial support, as well as in-kind donations, such as equipment or supplies.

Intern or Volunteer

People can get involved by interning or volunteering with SPN. This can provide hands-on experience and a deeper understanding of anti-poaching efforts, as well as a way to contribute to the cause.

Fun FAQ’s

Poaching is the illegal hunting, killing, or capturing of wildlife.

Illegal poaching can lead to decline in wildlife populations and endanger species, disrupt ecosystems, and negatively impact local communities and economies that depend on wildlife tourism. It can also result in fines and imprisonment for those who engage in it.

You can help stop poaching by supporting conservation organizations, reporting poaching activity to the authorities, avoiding products made from endangered species, and spreading awareness about the issue.

Anti-poaching efforts can include increased surveillance, stronger law enforcement, community involvement, and education and awareness campaigns.

Some organizations working to stop poaching include World Wildlife Fund, Save the Elephants, African Wildlife Foundation, and International Rhino Foundation.

Poachers use a variety of methods to hunt animals illegally, including snaring, poisoning, using lights to blind animals at night, and using high-powered rifles.