Fungulani (Lani)

‣ Female
‣ Date of birth : : October 2017
‣ Date of rescue : December 14th, 2018
‣ Name derivative : The village where she was found
‣ Place of discovery : Lower Zambezi

How was Lani

Fungulani (Lani) was found in a forest by community members of the Fungulani village on December 14th, 2018. She had been separated from her herd while they were crossing the border into Mozambique. After being spotted, she was closely observed with the hope that her mother or herd would return for her.

Her first few days were challenging. She was malnourished and struggled to get up by herself. Nevertheless, with a warm welcome from her surrogate siblings and much care from the keepers, Lani’s condition quickly improved. Over time Lani has grown into a very strong and dominant character, quickly exhibiting matriarchal behaviours as she mothered the younger orphans coming into our care.

At 3½ years old, Lani graduated to the Release Herd. Here she was reunited with Lufutuko, her nursery friend, and their bond has been renewed. However, after five hours of monitoring, it was apparent that Lani was alone, and her herd had moved on. The community members observing
her called Game Rangers International and the Wildlife Rescue Team was deployed. The cause of Lani’s orphaning is unknown. Her mother may have been separated from her as a result of human-elephant conflict or killed by poachers. She had lost body condition, suggesting she had been without her mother for some time. She was stabilised in the field, and when ready, transferred to Lilayi Elephant

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How is Lani doing now?

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