‣ Female
‣ Date of birth : December 2015
‣ Name derivative : the name of the stream where she was found
‣ Place of discovery : Luangwa River near Lower Zambezi National Park

How was Kasewe

Kasewe was rescued at only 9 months of age in September 2016. She was found by a teacher named Sabina, who saw the small orphan wondering alone by the Kasewe stream. Sabina managed to capture Kasewe with her brother and children and restrained her with a chitenge (traditional cloth often used as a skirt), which demonstrates how easy she was to handle from an early stage, as most orphans that age will heavily challenge their rescuers.

She was in such good condition that it was obvious she had only been away from her mother for a few days and reports suggest her mother had been shot four days earlier for crop raiding in Mozambique. The loss of her mother and family was a huge trauma and from the moment she reached the Nursery she instantly sought the attention of the Keepers to provide her with comfort and reassurance. She was very quick to take to the bottle, and was drinking well within hours of her rescue but despite her good appetite, and likely due to post-traumatic stress, her energy level dropped for a while at the Nursery and we were monitoring her closely. However with good nutrition, the company of her new elephant siblings and some extra TLC by the Keepers, Kasewe settled well into Nursery life and after two months her condition, behaviour and energy was good and she was enjoying life again.

How is Kasewe doing now?