‣ Female
‣ Date of birth: May 2022
‣ Origin: Rufunsa Region, Luangwa
‣ Name derivative: The village
‣ Place of discovery : where found, “rain cloud” in Nyanja

How was Chikumbi

Chikumbi was left behind as her herd moved past villages in the Rufunsa region of Luangwa at only 4 months old. She was screaming for her mother but none of the elephants took notice, and she was too slow to keep up with the fast moving herd. She became disorientated, running through Chikumbi Village as she was left alone.

She could not relax and was in desperate need of rest. She had lost body condition, her cheek bones were sunken and hip bones prominent, suggesting dehydration
and malnutrition. It is likely that she lost her mother a few days earlier.

However, Chikumbi was strong and well developed. She managed to control the use of her trunk already and was able to drink water and browse ferociously. Despite her loss and trauma, she showed fierce independence, which made us hopeful for her recovery.

The community gathered to her aid. They tied her to a tree with a soft rope, to prevent her from running off and Game Rangers International was contacted. A Community Ranger was stationed with her and ensured that she had fresh browse and water throughout the night.

The Wildlife Rescue Team arrived the following day and stabilised Chikumbi, providing her with electrolytes and much-needed reassurance. She had only lain down briefly from the moment that she had been rescued.

How is Chikumbi doing now?

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