Our youth program 

“If we are to reach real peace in this world… we shall have to begin with children.”

- Mahatma Gandhi

What we're about

Our Youth Program is one of our proudest accomplishments to date. The youth involved help bring the next generation into the fight against poaching by creating viral content and art to bring awareness to the illegal, inhumane killing of endangered animals.



The Youth Program also gives a megaphone to the voices of young adults so their concerns about conservation are heard.


Our youth board works together to find like-minded individuals who have a passion for friendship, art, community, and the betterment of our world.


Our Youth Program meets once a month and is an active program that gives young adults a chance to be involved leaders in their community. 

We are proud to say our youth program now consists of over twenty valuable individuals who continue to grow and do good through their strong sense of community. 


Director: März Holden-Montini


President: Marlena Lerner


Vice President: Julianna GoldSmith


Director of Social Media: Anastasia Serrell-Watts


Director of Membership: Esther Dafoe


Board Members: Oliver Booth, Kara Fry, Orlando Holden-Melian, Devyn Marinos, Rachel Miller & Ariana Molkara