The School Assembly Program was the first SPN education program to be launched and has proven to be a great success. Aimed at providing students with a captivating and engaging experience, this program shares the lifework and passion of world-renowned conservationists such as Tony Fitzjohn, OBE, and his work in Africa protecting lions and rhinos.

School Assembly Program

Open to all ages (elementary, middle, high school, and college) to inspire and empower youth to become actively engaged in both local and international conservation efforts

Engaging and Interactive and Interactive, presentations by dedicated and renowned conservationists, either live or remotely via Skype, such as:

  • Tony Fitzjohn, OBE ,who has worked tirelessly to protect and conserve lions, wild dogs, and rhinos in Africa. Tony’s early work was with George Adamson (the inspiration for the Born Free book and film) and provides a fascinating tale with a strong conservation message for students.

  • Damien Mander an Australian who, after multiple tours in Iraq, has dedicated his life to conservation by starting the International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF). Damien has become one of the the leading on-the-ground anti-poaching crusaders in Africa.

This is truly an Inspiring and Empowering experience for students aimed at turning knowledge into action.