Meet Vimbai Kumire and

Damien Mander:


17th April, 5:30-7:30pm, LA

Cocktails, Live Music, Vegan Eats

Meet Damien Mander, conservation legend and founder of IAPF, and Vimbai Kumire one of the formidable Akashinga 'The Brave Ones', the worlds first armed all female ranger unit, as seen on BBC, CNN, 60 Minutes and more.

Wednesday 17th April, 5:30-7:30pm

AGO's Restaurant, 8478 Melrose

Special Musical Guest: Michael Lanning

Tickets $65 / per person

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50% of the proceeds from this event fund the SPN Education program,

50% of the proceeds from this event fund IAPF's Akashinga program.



In 2017 Vimbai Kumire heard that the IAPF was recruiting women to be rangers. With her brother’s encouragement she applied and was deployed as a ranger in the pioneering Akashinga team.

Since becoming a ranger, she has consistently demonstrated her grit, discipline and leadership, resulting in her promotion to Sergeant and Squad Leader of Akashinga Ranger Team One. As a single mother of two, she can now afford a home, support her mother and send her children to school.

“If you do something wrong to my animals, I will catch you.”  -Vimbai Kumire 


Vision: The vision of Akashinga is to replace trophy hunting as an area management tool for conservation in Africa. This achieves landscape conservation at scale: A balance of ecology, economics, ethics and politics for the long-term preservation of large wilderness areas.


Goal: Akashinga aims to recruit 1000 women, protecting a network of 20 former hunting reserves by 2025 – Wilderness reclaimed from trophy hunting and run by women.


Strategy: We put the empowerment of women at the centre of the strategy. This gives the greatest traction in community development and conservation because the bi-product. 

The Akashinga are exclusively single mothers, abandoned wives, survivors of sexual and physical abuse, wives of poachers in prison, widows and orphans.

So opportunity is created for the most vulnerable women in rural society