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Site Goals

Self-sustain conservation through tourism

Help stabilize Zambian elephant population

Site 2 

Project Summary


Once an elephant orphan is located anywhere in Zambia and contact is made with the orphanage, the team endeavors to send equipped personnel to the location site to assist with the capture and immediate stabilization of the orphan.

Once orphans are given the all-clear to travel or if the initial stabilization is not suitable or possible or it is deemed unnecessary, they will be transported from quarantine sites or points of rescue to the Lilayi Elephant Nursery for further stabilization and preliminary rehabilitation.


The site has a highly experienced team of keepers and managers who have the skills, knowledge, facilities, and supplies to hand-rear orphaned elephants. Upon arrival, elephant calves are provided with the milk formulas, supplements, love, and care necessary to bring them back to healthy physical conditions and to start overcoming the trauma of losing their family. They need to be able to integrate and socialize with other elephants, which plays a vital role in their emotional and social development.


The Kafue Release Facility aims to provide the elephants with the most natural environment possible so that they gradually become capable and confident enough to live in the wild, without the support of humans. Elephants are steadily weaned off their milk and away from the need for human-provided shelter, towards a state in which they can fend for themselves in an increasing way with simultaneously increasing exposure to other animals.

Project Partners

Lilayi Lodge | Game Rangers International

Site 2 


We help save those who would otherwise perish and release them back into the wild.


This site observes the behavioural changes of developing orphans to better understand normal vs abnormal elephant development

Behavioural study

Every released elephant is collared and monitored to better understand the long term behavioural changes to orphans.

long term monitoring