Zoo Elephants Nibble on Berlin’s Leftover Christmas Trees

Animals at a zoo in Berlin received a special Christmas snack this year. The staff at the German capital’s Tierpark Zoo spread some Christmas cheer to their elephants, tigers, and monkeys with some decorated (and delicious) Christmas trees.

The once-a-year treats were selected from the unsold tree surplus of specific vendors, and each tree was decorated with a festive snack for the animals; vegetables for the monkeys and elephants and meat for the tigers, In addition to the bell pepper rings, the zoo’s elephants also at the tree itself.

Though pine trees aren’t usually a part of an elephants diet, the trees are edible and heavily rich in Vitamin C. For the elephants, these trees seem to be both a fun and yummy snack.

Spreading the holiday cheer along to their animals has become a tradition for several zoos around the globe, including one in Austria. For Tierpark, this annual celebration has become an integral part of the holiday season, even if the human staff prefers to stick to candy canes and gingerbread.

Image courtesy of the Northern Sentinel

Video courtesy of Tierpark Berlin (FB)


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