Two Rhinos Poached at South Africa’s Shamwari Game Reserve

By Cheyenne Johnson, Managing Editor

An adult white rhino cow and her calf have been shot and killed at the South Africa Shamwari Game Reserve, according to Shamwari veterinarian Dr. Johan Joubert.

Dr. Joubert stated that the horns of the pair had been chopped off. The poachers appeared to enter the reserve on foot and killed the two rhinos with a rifle before removing their horns.

The sheer size of the reserve made discovery of the carcasses difficult as Shamwari expands nearly 100 square miles.

“It seems the rhinos were shot about four days ago, but they were not found until now because it is a remote area,” said Joubert on Sunday.

“We have not had any rhinos poached at Shamwari for six to seven years, so this is very upsetting.”

While Shamwari’s rhinos have lived safely these past few years, 10 rhinos have been killed in the Eastern Cape by poachers this year, and, on June 29, another rhino was killed at Port Elizabeth’s Kragga Kamma Game Park.

The reputation of Shamwari as a safe location for wildlife adds to the concern around this incident.

Shamwari is an internationally renowned conservation reserve known for its commitment to preserving the areas traditional ecosystem as well as encouraging biodiversity. It’s been selected as the World’s Leading Safari and Game Reserve and Conservation Company for several years and is one of the most successful private conservation projects in Southern Africa.

An investigation into this poaching is currently underway is and led by Shamwari’s Head of Security, Rodney Visser.