SPN Presents: Wildlife in Art with Jenna Booth

Life Under the Sun by Jenna Booth.

We are delighted to launch our exciting new website feature: Wildlife in Art.

Each month, Stop Poaching Now! will be celebrating the work of an artist.

We will be hosting the incredible work of successful and up-and-coming writers, musicians, painters, and in this case, the very talented children's book illustrator: Jenna Booth.

Jenna is based in Manchester, UK. Her main method of work is collaging using found textures, photographs and leaves of old books to create something fresh and original.

Illustration of an elephant under the sun
Life Under the Sun by Jenna Booth

One of the most striking things about this piece of Jenna's work is that there is so much to look at--the shades of grey of the elephant against the sun; the bright leaves and the dark leaves; and the colour scheme of the background. Is it possible to look at this piece of art and not feel warm inside?

We don't think so.

Jenna's brilliant Wildlife in Art contribution is called Life Under the Sun. We'll let you name the elephant yourselves. More of Jenna's work can be found on her website.