Flipping the classroom allows students to explore topics independently and then participate in active learning exercises, discussions, and interactive peer learning in the classroom. SPN's online modules easily facilitate the flipped classroom for teachers by providing stand alone, self-paced, and interactive learning experience for their students.

Online Conservation Modules for Flipped Classrooms

Designed for teachers to easily incorporate a flipped classroom into their courses. Our online modules provide a stand alone, self-paced, interactive learning experience for their students. 


Based Firmly in Science, our flipped classroom course modules are designed to align with the Next Generation Science Standards and are well suited, but not limited to, biology, general, earth, and environmental science classes.

Examples of Topics covered include:


  • Global biodiversity


  • Extinctions and endangered species


  • Ecosystems and ecosystem services


  • Poaching and the illegal wildlife trade

  • Ecological footprints

Interactive format that is student driven with built-in knowledge checks.

Compatible across multiple platforms, including desktops, laptops, and tablets.

Flipped Classroom - Biodiversity.jpg

Screenshot of the Biodiversity flipped classroom module where students actively and independently explore key topics relating to global biodiversity. In this example, they learn that the same ecosystem type, such as coral reefs, can contain different species depending on their geographic location, increasing their total contribution to global biodiversity.

Schools, School Districts, and Teachers:


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