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Our foundation is focused on ending the demand for endangered species' products and saving the species in immediate need of conservation efforts so as to guarantee they survive this poaching crisis.


Financing school and educational projects on the ground in Africa helps us build a community spirit around conservation, giving those communities a reason to care about the animals around them and providing them the skills they need to ensure the future of conservation funding through animal-focused tourism.


Often meaningful change comes from organizations making their voices heard and promoting widespread and immediate change.


Our work is always expanding but we need your help to grow our influence and get closer to our goal.


Some of our work can't be done without the support of organizations. Whether it be using your influence and promoting our message to cease the unacceptable killing of these species for their products, engaging with your government on policy development, or financing a conservation or educational project, any and all efforts help ensure the future of these species. 


Be a leader. Be the change we need.



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