In 2019, SPN! launched our Global Conservation Education Program (G-CEP). This program funds educators teaching conservation and sustainability all over the world. 

SPN has curated exceptional pieces from renowned artists across the globe. The estate of Steve Kaufman, amongst others, have donated generously to this program. 

When you buy art from SPN, you teach future generations to preserve their wildlife and their communities.

Please consult your CPA to learn about the tax advantages of this program. 

Contact SPN! if you are interested in buying or donating art.

Steve Kaufman Collection


About the Artist

Steven Alan Kaufman was an American pop artist, fine artist, sculptor, stained glass artist, filmmaker, photographer, and humanitarian. His entry into the world of serious pop art began in his teens when he became an assistant to Andy Warhol at The Factory studio. Since his passing in 2010, his art has appreciated in value exponentially, and we are honored to present his finest pieces.