Facebook Fundraising

How to Create a SPN E-Race Extinction Facebook Fundraiser

Facebook can be a powerful way to let your friends know about what matters to you. Let them know you are participating in SPN's E-Race Extinction Event by creating your very own Facebook Fundraiser!

1. Log into Facebook​

2. Select "Fundraisers" from the left side menu (bottom right if you're using the        Facebook mobile app)

3. Click the "Raise Money" button

4. Select "Nonprofit"

5. Type in and select "Stop Poaching Now!"

6. Set your goal

7. Schedule your fundraiser to end on August 25th

8. Create a title for your fundraiser (Example: Help Me E-Race Extinction!)

9. Add your personal story or use this one we created: 

I joined SPN's E-Race Extinction Event! The money I raise for this event will help save endangered wildlife all across Africa and Asia.

Earlier this year, African Elephants became listed as critically endangered, and the gentle giants will be gone forever if we don't do something to save them. That is why I support Stop Poaching Now and the work they are doing. This summer I am taking a step to save wildlife, come with me.  #WalkRideRun

10. Use one of these pictures as the cover photo for your fundraiser!

Facebook Fundriaser Lion.jpg
Facebook Fundriaser Elephants.jpg
Facebook Fundriaser Pangolin.jpg
Facebook Fundriaser Rhino.jpg
Facebook Fundriaser Tiger.jpg

11. Post it to your page, add a link to your SPN Fundraiser, and share it with your       friends!